Alzheimer & Dementia Registry

We recognize the importance of time in tracking a wandering and vulnerable loved one. So, in an effort to efficiently serve and protect the citizens of Prairie du Chien, WI, we are offering a voluntary registry in which family members can register loved ones, who are residents of Prairie du Chien and are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of Dementia.

This registry can provide pertinent and critical information regarding your loved ones which will aid law enforcement in identifying your family member should they wander from their place of residence and come in contact with our Officers. Additionally having the information readily available would enable us to provide this information to surrounding agencies in an efficient manner in hopes to quickly locate and safely return your loved one. The information provided will be kept at the Police Department and will be used solely as a means to aid law enforcement and other emergency personnel in locating missing and/or wandering residents.

This program is strictly voluntary. It is designed to assist the Prairie du Chien Police Department in the swift and safe recovery of your loved one. A photograph will be taken by the officer who comes to your house. This photograph and data will be entered into the database at the Prairie du Chien Police Department. In the unlikely event that a loved one wanders away, the police department will already have all the necessary information needed to conduct a thorough and extensive search. This relieves the family of having to attempt to locate the pertinent information during a time of stress, and allows the family to focus on locating the loved one.

Please fill out this Google Docs Form as completely as possible.  The more accurate data we have the better we can assist you.