Municipal Court

The mission of the Municipal Court for the City of Prairie du Chien is to correctly and fairly resolve traffic and other municipal ordinance cases in the City in accordance with the applicable laws. While our Court operates in a less formal setting than a Circuit Court, we preserve basic judicial formalities so that parties recognize that they are appearing in a court of law. Because the vast majority of people appearing in Municipal Court are unrepresented and may be appearing in a court for the first time, we strive to answer reasonable questions regarding their cases and court procedures. Generally, no one likes to appear in any court, but it is our hope that parties leave our Court with the satisfaction that they have had their opportunity to be heard even if they do not agree with the ultimate decision.

Initial Court Date:

  • Initial Appearances – 1st Friday of the Month @ 1:00PM
  • Trials – 3rd Friday of the Month @ 1:00PM