Water Rates

A water bill is made up of three separate fees: a fire protection fee based upon the size of connection, a base service charge based on the size of the meter, and a volume charge based on the amount of water used. Customers are billed quarterly.

Drastic increases in a water/sewer bill may indicate possible plumbing problems. If you are concerned about an increase in your bill, the Water Department might be able to help you locate the problem. While City personnel can’t make repairs in your home, just knowing the problem exists can help you get prompt service in fixing it. In some cases, a water leak may even qualify for an adjustment to your bill. Additionally, yard meters are for sale to separately meter water used for watering lawns and gardens. This allows customers to only be billed for the water used for watering and not be charged the sewer rate. Yard meters can be obtained by completing a permit and making payment at City Hall, 214 E. Blackhawk Avenue.

To convert gallons and cubic feet: Number of gallons x .1337 = cubic feet or Number of cubic feet x 7.48 = gallons. The following rates will be charged for requested services:

  • Re-installation of meter (including valving at curb stop): $40.00 (During normal business hours) $60.00 (After normal business hours)
  • Valve turned on at curb stop: $35.00 (During normal business hours) $55.00 (After normal business hours)

Note: There is no charge for disconnection

Rates are authorized by the Public Service Commission for the Prairie du Chien Municipal Water Utility.

Public Notice To All Customers of the Prairie du Chien Municipal Water Utility.