2020 Resolutions (adopted)

2020-01 Resolution Declaring School Choice Week
2020-02 Resolution Declaring 2020 World Migratory Bird Day
2020-03 Resolution Declaring Eagles Heart & Cancer Telethon Week
2020-04 Resolution Declaring Reimburse Expenditures on Capital Projects
2020-05 Resolution Vacating Allley between First & Main
2020-06 Resolutions Public Hearing Vacting Alley First Main
2020-07 Resolution Vacating Alley Block 184
2020-08 Resolution Public Hearing Vacating Alley Block 184
2020-09 Resolution Vacating Alley Between 1st & Main
2020-10 Resolution Vacating Alley Block 184
2020-11 Resolution Commending the Service of Allie Thornton on Council
2020-12 Resolution Arbor Day 2020
2020-14 Resolution Muncipal Treasurer Appreciation Week
2020-15 Resolution Apply for EDA Grant
2020-16 Resolution National Police Week
2020-17 Resolution Adopting 2019 Wastewater Treatment Facility Report
2020-18 Resolutions Authorizing .0301 Cooperative Plan W Bridgeport
2020-19 Resolution Authorizing Taxation District to Waive Interest & Penalties on Property Tax Payment
2020-20 Resolution SOI Governing Body
2020-21 Resolution COVID-19 Prevention & Control Parks
2020-22 Resolution Termination of Tax Increment District TID-6
2020-23 Resolution Declaring July Park Recreation Month
2020-24 Resolution 2nd COVID-19 Prevention & Control Parks
2020-25 Resolution Establishing Equipment Replacement Fund & Designated Future Budget Surplus
2020-26 Resolution Harbour Assistance Grant
2020-27 Resolution WHEDA's Rural Affordable Workforce Housing Initiative
2020-28 Resolution Adopting Crawford Cty Multi-Hazards Mitigation Plan
2020-29 Resolution 3rd COVID-19 Prevention & Control Parks
2020-30 Resolution Urban Foresty Grant
2020-31 Resolution Financial Assist from Enviromental Improvment
2020-32 Resolution Reimburse from Expenditures Proceed of Borrowing
2020-33 Resolution Providing for the Sale pf Approximately
2020-34 Resolution Authorizing Issuance & Sale of General Obligation Promissory
2020-35 Resolution 4th COVID City Parks & Buildings
2020-36 Resolution Ratify COVID19 Declaration Emergency