Programs & Services

Diggers Hotline: State law requires anyone doing excavation work in Wisconsin to give at least three working days notice to Diggers Hotline prior to digging. Diggers Hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Toll-Free (800) 242-8511.

If you notice that you have a sewer backup, smell or other wastewater problems, please call the Wastewater Department at 608-326-8534, City Hall at 608-326-6406 or after regular working hours call the Police Department at 608-326-2421.

To Start Service at Connected Site: To establish sewer and water service at a site that is already connected to the sanitary sewer system, contact City Hall at (608) 326-6406.

To End Service at Connected Site: An owner or tenant of property supplied with sewer & water may discontinue this service by calling the City and asking for service to be discontinued. The minimum charge will continue to be billed as long as the sewer & water remains connected, whether or not any water is consumed.

  • Establishing a New Connection Where None Exists: The City requires a Utility Permit and a $500 permit fee prior to installation of new connections to the sanitary sewer system. Any repairs to the sanitary sewer lateral also require a permit, a $25 permit fee, and an inspection. In addition, disconnecting sanitary sewer service, such as when a building is razed, requires a permit, a $25 permit fee, and an inspection. Permits can be obtained by contacting Cassie Rickleff, Municipal Technician, at City Hall at (608) 326-8024 or . Effective January 1, 2007, all new sanitary sewer laterals require the installation of a trace wire.

Holding Tanks/Septic Dumping Charges: The charge for dumping a holding tank from a recreational vehicle, with a tank not exceeding 300 gallons, is $10. Septic tank haulers pay $20 per dumping plus $40 for every 1000 gallons dumped. Holding tank haulers pay $20 per dumping plus $10 for every 1000 gallons dumped. Port-a-potty tank haulers pay $20 for every 500 gallons dumped.