New to Prairie du Chien

Are you new to the Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, area? Use the links below to find important information that will assist you in making your transition to our community a pleasurable experience. The City of Prairie du Chien welcomes you!

 City Government

  • City Hall: (includes the Administrator, Clerk/Treasurer, Mayor, Planning, Zoning, Building, Assessor, Billing, Parks & Recreation, Council Chamber, and meeting rooms) – Downtown at 214 East Blackhawk Avenue. For your convenience, there is a drop-box in the City Hall parking lot for utility and tax payments.
  • Police Department: 228 North Beaumont Road next to the County Courthouse.
  • Crawford County Courthouse: 220 North Beaumont Road
  • Department of Motor Vehicles Service Center: Located at 65 Riverside Square – 7 a.m.-5 p.m. – Tuesday & Thursday.
  • U.S. Post Office: 120 South Beaumont Road; 326-6914

 Utility Connection

  • Water & Sewer Service are provided by the City of Prairie du Chien. To establish sewer & water service at a site that is already connected, contact City Hall at (608) 326-6406.
  • Electricity is supplied and distributed by Alliant Energy. Contact (800) 862-6222 for information on getting electric service.
  • Natural Gas is supplied and distributed by Prairie du Chien Gas Company (Madison Gas & Electric). Contact (608) 326-2417 for information on getting gas service.
  • Telephone:  Local phone service is supplied by CenturyTel. Contact (800) 201-4099 for information on getting residential phone service and (800) 201-4102 for business phone service.
  • Garbage and Recycling services are provided by the City of Prairie du Chien through a contract with Town & Country Sanitation. Contact (800) 626-1915 for information on getting garbage & recycling service.
  • Cable Television service is provided by Mediacom under a franchise with the City. Contact (608) 326-7180 for information on getting cable television service.

 Get Informed

  • Prairie du Chien Visitors Center offers a wealth of information about the City, the region, and Wisconsin. 211 South Main Street. 326-2241. (Website)
  • Newspaper: The Courier Press (weekly) (Website)
  • Local Television: Public Access Channel 6. Broadcasts City Council and School Board Meetings.
  • Local Radio: WPRE — AM 980/WQPC, Q94 – FM 94.3/WPRE-FM — 104.3 FM (Website)

 Emergency & Medical

For any medical emergency or to report a fire or crime, call 911.

  • Crossing Rivers Health (Hospital), 37868 US-18, Prairie du Chien, WI 53821 (608) 357-2000
  • Police Department: 222 North Beaumont Road, Non-emergency (608) 326-2421.
  • Fire Department:  720 East Blackhawk Avenue, Non-emergency (608) 326-4365.
  • Ambulance – Interstate EMS – Prairie du Chien Inc – 1109 South 13th Street – (608) 326-5422

 Have Pets?

Dog and Cat Licenses

A license is required for all dogs and cats 6 months or older. The procedure for obtaining a dog or cat license is as follows:

  • Obtain a Rabies Vaccination Certificate. This is issued by a licensed veterinarian clinic and is necessary before a license can be issued.
  • Make application for a license at the office of the City Treasurer at City Hall.

The costs for the licenses are as follows:

  • $8 for an unneutered male dog or cat
  • $8 for an unspayed female dog or cat
  • $3 for a neutered male dog or cat
  • $3 for a spayed female dog or cat

Licenses must be renewed annually, on or before January 31. The vaccination certificate must be presented at the time of making the application. Tags go on sale December 15.

Exceptions to dog or cat licensing are as follows:

  • No license or permit shall be required of any humane society, municipal animal control facility, or licensed veterinary clinic.
  • License fees shall not be required for seeing-eye dogs or governmental police dogs under their control; licenses for the above shall be issued without charge.

Kennel Licenses

The term “kennel” means any establishment wherein dogs or cats are kept for the purpose of breeding, sale, or sporting purposes. Any person, firm, or corporation granted a kennel license shall pay an annual fee as follows:

  • $35 for a kennel of twelve (12) or fewer animals in excess of 6 months of age.
  • The regular license fee stated at top of page shall apply for each animal 6 months of age or older in excess of twelve (12).