Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department

The City of Prairie du Chien Park and Recreation Department’s mission statement serves as a means to work towards the community’s needs that the city should be striving to provide quality facilities and offer affordable wholesome recreation and leisure opportunities that enhance the quality of their lives while living in this community. With over 600 acres of parks and open spaces, a recreation center, indoor and outdoor pool, and an abundance of riverfront activities and events, they all bring people together and add to a sense of civic pride and belonging. As a fully developed community, maintaining and updating park and recreational facilities will preserve the value and popularity of the city’s park system. The City’s waterfront, farm park, arts, culture, and historical features add to the meaning of community life and certainly sets this community apart and should continue to be highlighted. Residents want places to gather, socialize, and meet. Residents also encourage activities that build a sense of community such as city-wide festivals and events that recognize the city’s history, diversity, and desire to have fun!


  1. Continue to maintain and enhance city parks, recreation facilities, open space, and leisure services to meet the community needs.
  2. Continue to develop high quality and a wide variety of recreation and leisure programs to youth, adults, and special needs participants to meet the needs of the community.
  3. Continue to provide programming with various partnerships.
  4. Continue to upgrade parks, trail systems, and playground equipment.
  5. Enhance the city’s waterfront, farm park, arts, cultural, and historic assets.
  6. Build support and promote a sense of community through recreation programming.
  7. Preserve, maintain, and educate the community on the natural resources for ourselves and future generations.

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