Streets Department

The Street Department is responsible for the construction, maintenance, and repair of sidewalks, streets, and storm sewers. Additionally, the Street Department maintains City buildings and grounds. The Department is also responsible for all snow removal. The Street Department has seven full-time employees. In addition, the Street Department uses inmate labor when feasible.

Your Responsibilities as a Property Owner 

  • Snow Removal – Under Municipal Code 8.07 (Snow and Ice Removal), it is against city ordinance for residents to deposit snow, slush, and ice onto the traveled roadway in the City of Prairie du Chien. This ordinance may be found on the city website or a printed copy may be obtained from city hall. Individuals violating this ordinance are subject to fines by the City of Prairie du Chien. City crews are making every effort to make our streets as safe as possible and we are asking for your cooperation with snow removal efforts.
  • Grass Clippings and Leaves – Grass clippings and leaves shall not be blown, raked, or placed in the streets, as they can clog gutters and storm sewers. Grass clippings and leaves that are appropriately bagged in paper bags can be placed along the curb for collection on Tuesdays by Town and Country Sanitation. Paper bags can be purchased at Nelson True Value, Walgreen’s, Piggly Wiggly and Wal-Mart. Leaves and grass clippings can be hauled to the compost site on Vineyard Coulee Road.
  • Snow and Ice Removal – Property owners are responsible for keeping the sidewalks that border their property free of snow and ice. If ice cannot be removed, the property owner is responsible for sprinkling it with sand or other similar materials. If the snow and ice are not removed within 3 hours of daylight after it ceases to fall, the City will remove it and charge the cost of removal to the property owner. In addition, please do not blow or shovel snow into streets or alleys.
  • Winter Parking Regulations – To facilitate the removal of snow in the winter, the winter parking regulations are in effect between November 15th and March 31st.
  • Obstruction of Intersections – No tree, hedge, fence, sign, or any other obstruction is allowed that prevents persons driving vehicles on public streets, alleys, or highways from obtaining a clear view of traffic when approaching an intersection or pedestrian crosswalk. The “vision triangle” is the area bounded by the street lines (curbs) and a line joining points along the street lines twenty-five (25) feet from the point of intersection. In case of major streets and highways intersecting with other major streets or railways, the distances defining the “vision triangle” are increased to fifty (50) feet.
  • Pruning of Tree Limbs – All limbs of trees must be pruned at least 10 feet above any sidewalk and 15 feet above a street or other public place.
  • Placement of Mailboxes – The mailbox must be in good condition with a door that closes properly. The mailbox must be attached to a post of quality and strength to withstand a blow from bladed snow. The front side of the mailbox must be no closer than eight inches from the back side of the curb. 

    Compost Site: Monday-Saturday 8 A.M. to 7 P.M.  Closed Sundays and Holidays

    Brush Site:  2nd and 3rd Saturday of the month 8 A.M. to Noon

    SEASON April 3rd through October 31st (Brush site closed November 1). 

    LOCATION ½ mile East of Marquette Road on Vineyard Road. Proof of residency is required. The site is for City of Prairie du Chien properties only.

  • Used Oil Site – Located at the City Street Department, 625 East Washington Street. The site is for used engine oil only. No dumping of fuels, kerosene, antifreeze, water, paint, thinners, etc. Persons found dumping materials other than used engine oil will be fined.