Wastewater Department

The staff of the Wastewater Treatment Facility takes great pride in protecting the Mississippi River and the residents of our wonderful community. Prairie du Chien is located in one of the most picturesque and natural resource rich areas in the United States, and we strive to do our part in preserving this beauty and abundance. Over the past several years, we have taken many steps to enhance the wastewater collection system and the treatment facility to ensure a high-quality effluent discharge into the river and at the same time upgrade and improve services in terms of cost-effectiveness and energy-efficiency. Please feel free to stop at the facility, take a tour, and meet the staff. We welcome visitors and enjoy giving practical demonstrations of what goes on at a wastewater treatment facility. Thanks for allowing us to serve you!

Rates & Billing
A sewer bill is based on the amount of water used and is made up of two separate fees: a base fee and a volume charge based on the amount of water used. Customers are billed quarterly. The volume charge is $2.58 for every 100 cubic feet of water (or approximately 750 gallons) used for residential, commercial, and most industrial customers.

If the nature of an industrial customer’s sewage (amount of biological oxygen demand and suspended solids) is such that it creates a greater impact on the wastewater treatment plant, the customer is charged an additional surcharge.

Drastic increases in a water/sewer bill may indicate possible plumbing problems. If you are concerned about an increase in your bill, the Water Department might be able to help you locate the problem.

While City personnel can’t make repairs in your home, just knowing the problem exists can help you get prompt service in fixing it. In some cases, a water leak may even qualify for an adjustment to your bill.

To learn how you can help prevent potential sewer problems, please read the Public Notice regarding proper sanitary sewer use/disposal.  For questions on your sewer bill, contact City Hall at 326-6406.